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Winemaking by Michel Delhommeau

We produce quality wines, respectful of nature and people, which is fundamental to our management. We cultivate our grapes and our wines with passion, sincerity and authenticity.


Our estate Les Vignes Saint Vincent is a family business, it is therefore essential for us to preserve and share ancestral, cultural and local savoir-faire.

The recognition of the Gorges, Clisson and Le Pallet Crus Communaux paved the way for the development of the Muscadet terroirs. In 2019, the Monnières – Saint Fiacre Cru was recognized, based on fundamental criteria: plot selection, vine management and control of yields and aging time on lees. The Monnières – Saint Fiacre Cru is a wine of character. It comes from the perfect match of a grape variety, the Melon de Bourgogne, with its terroir.

vignes du Domaine Saint Vincent - Michel Delhommeau
bouteille de vin - Michel Delhommeau


All our wines are made with the same care. The main point in the production of our wines is the balance between sugar and acid.

For this, the fruits are picked shortly before the maturity of the sugars, then transported with care to the cellar. In order to ensure continuity, the harvest is completely managed manual since 2021. The filling of the press wine is done by a conveyor belt, the grapes are not crushed.

The grape juice is very lightly settled. Fermentation starts spontaneously under the action of the yeast and generally continues until the sugars are exhausted in underground tanks for one to two months. The aging then lasts from 9 to 30 months on the lees from the fermentation process. A gentle stirring can be done depending on the cuvée and the vintage. Aging on lees gives the wine a complex aroma and an unique full bodied flavour.

The cellar

Our cellar is an authentic and traditional place. It is a multy faceted location, everything is done there: pressing, maceration, winemaking, ageing, bottling, labeling, and above all sharing and tasting.

Each plot produces a particular cuvée:

  • The cuvée "Monnières - Saint Fiacre" comes from “Vieille Vignes du Fief Seigneur”,

  • The cuvée Harmonie comes from "Les Menuauds",

  • The Clos Armand comes from "Clos Brafandré", old vines over 50 years old,

  • The cuvée "Saint Vincent" comes from the Gravelle plot,

  • The cuvée Fief Seigneur comes from the Rochettes plot.

cave de Michel Delhommeau


récompenses concours viticoles

Over the years, our wines have won numerous gold medals in the biggest regional competitions “Concours de Nantes” and national competitions “Concours Général Agricole de Paris”.

The last important prize dates back to March 11, 2011: the cuvée Harmonie 2010 had then won the highest possible distinction in the Loire-Atlantique region called "La Pipette d'Or". In 5 years, we won three Saint-Vincent, our first gold medal, and at Monnières village competition our wines were lauded. In 2018 Grand Prix d’Excellence at the Vinalies competition. We also obtained the first gold medal at the Grand Concours du Val de Loire in 2014 for the 2013 Harmonie cuvée.

As well as a gold medal in 2021 at the Vinalies competition for the Monnières Saint Fiacre 2018.


Let's not forget certain quotes in several French and foreign guides such as Hachette, the review of the wines of France, and Parker to name a few.

Michel Delhommeau's cellar in photos

Pissenlit de vignes

Manual harvest in the Saint Vincent vineyards of Michel Delhommeau in Monnières in the Nantes vineyard in Loire-Atlantique (44).

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