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Saint Vincent

Appellation : 
Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine sur lie - AOC Val de Loire Blanc - France

Grape variety : 100 % Melon de Bourgogne

Plot: Fief de la Gravelle - Monnières, Les prés du mortrait Gorges - 5 hectares

Harvest: Manual

Age of the vines: 30 years

Soil Type: Gabbro

Container: 75 cl bottle


Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie


Simple as Guyot pruning with a stick of 9 to 10 buds. Trellised plot with three wires. Spring decavaillonage on the whole vineyard (see the photos of this operation on the site).

Shoeing with discs then 2 passages of blade. In our approach to organic cultivation, no synthetic product is used in our vines as well as in the cellar.


Pale yellow, limpid shine, light pearling. Lemony, green apple, typical muscadet, expression of the terroir, expressive.

Frank attack, thirst-quenching, nervous, awakens the taste buds, fine texture, straight and mineral. Exotic in the mouth.

Tasting temperature: 8 to 10°C.


Manual harvesting with an elevator without a pump, with just an auger, which pours the grapes onto a belt to transport them to the pneumatic press. The duration of the pressing is 1h45.


The wine is then sulphited at a low dose and aged on lees for 10 to 12 months, in underground glass concrete vats.


The maturity of the grape depends on the product to be made. For a white wine, the sugar level is a fundamental criterion. For a dry white wine, maturity is sought and the fruit is harvested a little before (generally eight days) the maturity of the sugars. At this point, the ratio of sugar to acid is optimal. Manual harvest, carried to the hood into the lifting bucket which has an endless screw, The grapes are dumped without a pump onto the belt conveyor which transports the grapes to the 50 hl pneumatic wine press. The duration of the pressing lasts about 2 hours. The juices flow by gravity into the tank. In the approach of culture and organic production, the juices being of quality, without synthetic chemicals harmful to yeasts, they are preserved in the wine. The turbidity of the must guarantees a good supply of yeasts and vinification in vats does not therefore require the addition of yeast. The fermentation starts spontaneously under the action of the natural yeasts of the grape. For a dry white wine, fermentation continues until the sugars run out, with the control of the temperature 19° C.

Food and wine pairing

Seafood, crab, lobster, fish tartar, scallop carpaccio, olive oil and lemon caviar.

bottle Muscadet - Saint Vincent - Michel Delhommeau

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