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Pinos gris

Grape variety : 100 % Pinos Gris

Plot : du Grand Bois - 0.50 hectare

Harvest: Manual

Age of the vines: 25 years

Soil Type: Gabbro

Container: 75 cl bottle


White wine

Classic harvest, with fermentation stopped by cross-flow filtration at a density of 1010 evc 15 g / liter of residual sugar


Fresh attack, very round mouth, quite ample. Good balance between sugar and acidity. Long finish, we find these notes of honey and dried fruits. Expressive, with floral notes and ripe fruits, (citrus) evolving on aromas of honey, after a few months of conservation yellow color, with golden reflection.


Manual harvest, lifting bucket without pump with just an endless screw, which dumps the grapes on a conveyor belt to transport them to the wine press. The duration of the pressing is 1h45.


The maturity of the grape depends on the product to be made. For a white wine, the sugar level is a fundamental criterion. To produce a dry white wine, we harvest the fruit a little before the maturity of the sugars. At this point, the ratio of sugar to acid is optimal.

In the approach of culture and organic production, the lees being of quality, without synthetic chemicals harmful to yeasts, they are preserved in the wine. The turbidity of the must guarantees a good supply of the yeasts and winemaking in vats therefore does not require the addition of yeast. The fermentation starts spontaneously under the action of the natural yeasts of the grape and continues until the exhaustion of sugars.

Food and wine pairing

Puff pastry andouille sausage from Viré with raw milk, camembert, camembert cake, endive salad with blue cheese, roquefort salad, camembert croquettes, endive salad with cream.

bottle Pinot Gris - Michel Delhommeau

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