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Merlot Cabernet

Grape variety : Merlot - Cabernet franc

Plot: Grand bois Monnières - 0,5 hectare

Harvest: Manual

Age of the vines: 20 years

Soil Type: Gabbro

Ageing: 9 months

Container: 75 cl bottle


Red Wine of France


Lively and appetizing, this blend of Merlot and Cabernet enjoys a nice balance between freshness and tannic load. Red fruits and spices dominate the aromas of this wine.


The harvest, destemmed, is directly vatted to begin its maceration.


Once the grapes are harvested at maturity, the maceration can begin. This is triggered by the yeasts indigenous to the grapes. Thus, after two weeks of fermentation, we carry out a post-fermentation maceration, which softens the tannins. Thereafter, the marc conveyed in the press.  The malolactic fermentation will start, in spring, during the maturation.

Food and wine pairing

Suggestion of accompaniment: Grilled meats, cold cuts.


In a decanter, it will express all its power even better. Recommended serving temperature: 16 °C.

bottle Merlot - Cabernet - Michel Delhommeau

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